Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Only at JTS - Halloween = יום העצמות?!

I was chatting with Professor Visotzky today before class, and we were discussing an article assigned by Prof. James Kugel
Prof. Visotzky: Jim is a wonderful writer and lecturer
me: I didn't get to hear him at the Seminary last year, but I did hear him lecture last year at Or Zarua, speaking about if there ever was an independent Jewish state before '48.
Prof. Visotzky: Prof. Lieberman once gave a lecture about Yom Haatzmaut. He was talking about how we don't have the phrase יום העצמעות (Independence Day)in Rabbinic Literature. However, we do have the phrase יום העצמות (Day of Bones), referring to Ezekiel's vision of the revived dry bones, which were the house of Israel. And that's how he really saw the state of Israel (how beautiful :)).
Another student walks in: יום העצמות - Is that halloween?
As we like to say, tradition and change...

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